Looking For a BBQ Grill?

Whether you’re looking for a grill for your family cookouts or want to frequently organize BBQ parties with friends. We do have all the info and popular grills reviews (more coming in) to simplify the answer of how to choose the best BBQ grill!

Ask yourself these 3 questions before selecting any BBQ Grill.

  1. How much food do you want to Grill at once? – Matter of Size
  2. How much space do you have? – You Porch/Patio or Backyard size.
  3. Importantly, How much do you want to spend? – Decide your budget.

Gas grills are most popular grills in America, so we are focusing more on them. But don’t worry, if you are looking for some charcoal or portable grill reviews, currently we are currently testing them too.

“Grill Menu” will give you the most reliable purchasing advice and unbiased reviews. Our love for barbecue goes very deep.

Why Gas Grills?

points for selecting the right gas grills

The Gas Grills were developed to simplify the home grilling experience. That’s why gas grilling remains a very relaxed and straightforward cooking process.

With the increase in popularity of Gas Grills, manufacturers have made a significant improvement to the grills in over the past few years.

Gas grills offer advantages like electric ignition, even cooking, flame tamers, easy to clean, better temp control, smart wireless monitoring & controlling features etc.

Now the backyard grilling experience is more convenient with better and longer lasting grill designs, fewer flare ups, even heat distribution and more useful accessories.

How to Choose a perfect BBQ Gas Grill?

Selecting a grill for your backyard BBQ can be a confusing process, but not to worry, The Grill Menu has shortlisted all the important things that you should be aware of when buying a new Gas Grill.

Now, there are a lot of Gas grills models available from various reputable brands and Wallmart. Selecting a grill for can be a confusing process but not to worry The Grill Menu has shortlisted following points that you should be look out for when buying a new Gas Grill.

how to choose the best best grill

  1. Expensive Grill does not always mean the best grill. Spending more always won’t give the best cooking performance. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good gas grill. Gas grill ranges from few hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can prepare great BBQ meal even in a low price gas grills.

Let’s talk about Grill Parts.

2. We recommend stainless steel or cast aluminum grills for their durability and longevity. avoid grills made from sheet metal. Let’s talk about heat power.

3. Look for a gas grill with a heat output of minimum 35,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units – per hour) with at least two burners. Now, 2 burner grills are perfectly fine for an average American family.

gas grill burners stainless steel

Also, make sure that burners are made of stainless steel and have a longer warranty period. (ranges from 5 years to 10 years to lifetime)

4. Next always check the size of the Primary cooking area.

Manufacturers mention total cooking area which includes primary cooking area + side burner and rack. So, make sure you know the exact Primary Cooking area of the grill, not just the main one.

If you have a large family and frequently organize cookouts or small parties on weekend then go for 4 burner or larger gas grills.

stainless steel cooking grates

5. Always look for heavy duty cooking grates made of Stainless Steel with bars at least .25 each thick. This is the most important part of the grill and you’re going to use it the most. Other types of grates will chip in and cause rusting problems.

Cooking grates decide the overall quality of your gas grill. So, be wise and go for higher quality cooking grates. Other types of grates will chip in and cause rusting problems.

6. Let’s talk about the Fuel.

Propane or Natural Gas? Most grills use propane, but there are some premium grills which can operate on both fuel – integrated conversion kit. You can also buy a conversion kit from the Amazon if you need one.

7. Lid mounted thermometer is essential for Gas grills. The side burner is an added advantage and perfect for cooking Sauces and side dishes like corn and potatoes.

gas grill lid mounted thermometer

8. Gas grill must be having the electric ignition system for a quick and easy start.

electric ignition - important for choosing right gas grill

9. Buy a decent quality grill cover, will definitely add some extra years to its life.

You should check out for these basic points before you choose the best bbq gas grill. We’ll discuss some advanced stuff on how to choose the best bbq grill later.


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